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Famous U.S. Homes Worthy of a Visit


It’s never too early to dream up your next vacation. Whether you’re interested in a fun, educational destination or you’re on the hunt for home inspiration, visiting these famous estates may pique your imagination.

Architectural Icon
A tour through the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio just outside of Chicago is like peering into the creative mind of one of America’s most iconic architects. Constructed in 1889 for $5,000, this Oak Park house served as the family home for Wright, his wife and their six kids. Bold, geometric shapes on the exterior and the interior’s high, barrel-vaulted ceiling make this visit a must for architecture enthusiasts.

Literary Cats
One home of Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway is tucked away in the heart of Old Town in Key West, Florida. The estate boasts Spanish colonial architecture and lush grounds; however, the Hemingway home is also well-known for its current occupants. No less than 40 polydactyl (six-toed) cats, descendants of those owned by Hemingway himself, still live on-site.

Presidential Family Estate
Get a historical perspective with a visit to Hildene, a 1905 Georgian Revival mansion in Manchester, Vermont, that belonged to Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. Guests can take year-round tours of the home’s 24-room interior, stroll down approximately 12 miles of walking trails and visit the working farm.

As Seen on TV
Popularized by more than 70 feature films and television shows, including “Full House,” San Francisco’s Painted Ladies are a staple of the city’s skyline. This row of quintessential Victorian homes, also known as the Seven Sisters, ascends one of the city’s hilly neighborhoods. Snap a gorgeous photo from the famous Alamo Square Park across the street.


Local Bonus Home Owner Occupied! * Not available to visit*

The Capone House

In, what is now considered Shore Acres, there is a white two-story home on Venetian Boulevard that was once the home of Chicago crime boss Al Capone. Stories say that the house was either purchased for his mother or used as a brothel. It was sold one week after he was indicted for tax evasion. It has since changed hands a few times, but its charm has only grown over time. It has also been said that Capone was once part owner of a nightclub in the Jungle Prada area. The existence of tunnels used by bootleggers there only supports that claim.

Leisa Erickson and Associates had the pleasure to list and sell this St. Petersburg historic home! It was sold for $687,500.

A landmark Spanish Revival estate covering almost half of an acre and nestled on the tree-lined, brick streets of one of St. Pete’s most established historical neighborhoods – Euclid St. Paul’s this terracotta, block & stucco custom home was built in the 1920’s and still maintains much of it’s original beauty & charm today.


al capone historic home

Front Al Capone houseDining

KitchenRearVintage Bathroom